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Re: SetContourLabels problem

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More on SetContourLabels...

If I have a surface chart with Y-axis in range 0-500 and call

SetContourLabels(100) the Y-axis step is correctly changed to 100, the

surface has 5 colored levels and the series legends are changed to 0-100,

100-200,...,400-500. That's fine.

But now consider that the user of my app wants 10 levels. So he goes to the

Y-axis properties dialog and changes the Major unit from 100 to 50.

The step changes correctly. The surface display also changes to 10 levels.

However, the series legends still display 0-100, 100-200 ... instead of

0-50, 50-100,...

What should I do to make Chart FX auo-update the series legends?


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