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Help create gantt chart from SQL and ADO?

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hello everyone :-),

I have a database that contains Start and Finish Dates for a list of tasks.

I would like to bind the ChartFx to a recordset like the following:

Public Sub TaskCapDelayed()

'Create variables for ADO Connection and Resultset

Dim RS As ADODB.Recordset

'Create variable to hold the Chart FX Default Data provider

Dim CfxData As Object

'Open the connection

Set RS = DataEnvironment1.Connection1.Execute("Select BaselineStart,

BaselineFinish FROM tblTasks")

'Create Ado object from the Chart FX Resultset

Set CfxData = CreateObject("CfxData.Ado")

'Assign the ADO resultset to the ChartFX Data Provider

CfxData.ResultSet = RS

With frmMain.cCriticalTasks

' Chart Type Settings

.Gallery = GANTT

'Let Chart FX take information from the data provider

.GetExternalData CfxData

'Add any other adjustments to the object here.



End With



Set RS = Nothing

Set CfxData = Nothing

End Sub

When I execute this sub, ChartFX says "No data Available". Can anyone help

me on this one? Any directions would be wonderful.

Thanks in advance,

Daniel Hickman

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