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Removing annotation objects

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I use the following code (from the newsgroup) to add an annotation to my


How do I remove it afterwards?

I tried getting annotx.count but it was zero the next time i redrew my




Here's a way to annotate your chart using VB.

Make sure you set a reference to the Annotation Extension.

Private Sub Form_Load()

Dim obj As ChartFX

Dim AnnotX As AnnotationX

Dim c As AnnCircle

Dim i As Integer, j As Integer

Dim strAttach As String

'set reference to chart object on the form

Set obj = Me.ChartFX1.Object

'instanciate the annotation object

Set AnnotX = New AnnotationX

'turn off toolbar (unless you want it on)

Annotx.Toolbar = False

'add AnnotX to chart obj

obj.AddExtension AnnotX

'add an annotation circle


'turn off series point markers

obj.MarkerShape = MK_NONE

'pick you point to mark

i = 0 'series

j = 7 'point index

'size the circle

c.Width = 10

c.Height = 10

'set attach coordinates

strAttach = CStr(j + 1) & "," & CStr(obj.ValueEx(i, j))

c.Attach ATTACH_CENTER, CStr(strAttach)

'what good is it without color

c.BkColor = obj.Series(i).Color 'back color

c.Color = obj.Series(i).Color 'border color

Set c = Nothing

Set obj = Nothing

End Sub

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