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Re. Preventing display of the chart fx toolbars

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Mr. Paul, I attached a complete VB project to explain you how to deactivate different menus and toldbars in ChartFX.

If you do not use VB6, the code is:

'No menubar, Contextmenu, toolbar

ChartFX1.ToolBarObj.Visible = False

ChartFX1.ContextMenus = False ' Also Hides the Toolbar

ChartFX1.MenuBar = False

'Doble Click.enable=false (menu)


'to turn the Data Editor off, the code is:

ChartFX1.DataEditor = False


Percy Dyer

Boca Raton, FL. USA

Tech Support: (561) 392-2023, Ext. 207

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From: Paul Nailand [mailto:nailand@onaustralia.com.au]

Sent: Tuesday, November 07, 2000 8:35 AM

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Conversation: Preventing display of the chart fx toolbars

Subject: Preventing display of the chart fx toolbars


How can I prevent the user from ever getting to the chart fx toolbars. I

seem to able to call these up with a left double click in most cases.



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