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Using ChartFX in VB without painting the control

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In order to export Chart FX to an Image, you must first give it a size,

otherwise we wouldn't know what size of chart you want.

There are two ways of doing this:

i) Use the Creation method (in Chart FX) to create a chart Windows

previous to exporting the chart. This is the easiest but not the most


ii) Create a memory Device Context DC, attach a bitmap to it and use the

Paint method to draw the chart into that bitmap. Then take the bitmap

selected in the HDC and save it. This is the most efficient way but

involves a lot of Windows API manipulation.

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Conversation: Using ChartFX in VB without painting the control

Subject: Using ChartFX in VB without painting the control

<< File: chart1.gif >> Hello all,

Has anyone used ChartFX strictly through code without having forms at all

(i.e. in an ActiveX dll) and just exporting the graph to a bitmap? I am

currently doing that and everything is working fine except the sizing of the

graph seems fixed. In other words, it cuts of the edges. I will attach a

file (converted it to a gif).

Thanks for any help,


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