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Yes, is possible to get the zoomed coordinates, using the following code:

Private Sub Form_Load()

ChartFX1.TypeMask = ChartFX1.TypeMask Or CT_TRACKMOUSE

End Sub

Private Sub ChartFX1_MouseMoving(ByVal x As Integer, ByVal y As Integer, nRes As Integer)

Dim nHit As CfxHitTest

Dim nSeries As Integer

Dim nPoint As Long

Dim dX As Double

Dim dy As Double

' Convert from pixel to logical X,Y coordinates

ChartFX1.PixelToValue x, y, dX, dy, AXIS_Y

Text1.Text = Format(dX, "0.0")

Text2.Text = Format(dy, "#")

' Find out what was hit

nHit = ChartFX1.HitTest(x, y, nSeries, nPoint)

Text3.Text = nSeries + 1

Text4.Text = nPoint + 1

End Sub

This sample will get mouse move and button down and mouse button up to apply those values to the zoomin event.

<<mouse zoom.frm>> <<mouse zoom.frx>> <<mouse zoom.vbp>> <<mouse zoom.vbw>>

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Subject: Zoom region

Is it possible to get the values of the zoomed region? e.g. I have a chart

from 0 to 100 in the X and 0 to 100 in the Y. The user zooms, and is

viewing 25-35 in the X and 45-55 in the Y. Can I get these coordinates?

The Axis Min and Max still relate to the overall graph...



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