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VC++ and CFX98 COM DLL without user interface

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I'm using CFX98 COM DLL with VC++ 6.

I want to create a chart and export it as a bitmap

without displaying it.

I can create the chart as follows:


But when i export it, it exports a 1kb empty bitmap file.

I also tried the sample in the thread

"Sample using VC++ and CFX98 COM DLL"

i can successfully export the chart in that sample

but in that sample chart is attached to a CWnd window.

How to export a chart without attaching to a dialog or window ?


Orhan EKSI


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Chart FX DLL needs to have a window to export to a bitmap, you need to call

the CreateWnd method prior to export, even if the Window is invisible, this

is necessary to give it a size.

Chart FX Internet Server is designed to work without a window to produce

images in the background.



Software FX, Inc.

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