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Cfx98: Setting charset for all possible fonts?

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Hi,      (Chart FX 98, Windows NT/9x, MS VC++ 6, ATL)

How can I get IFont for all the fonts that are used

by Chart FX 98? The goal is to set charset for all

of the fonts to the given value.

Earlier, I have asked how to set the charset for some

specific font.

Francisco answered...


> Instead of using the Fonts property, you need to set

> the font using an OLE Font object (IFont). The IFont

> interface has a property called CharSet that allows

> you to change the Character set.

So I did try (checking omitted for the sake of





...and it worked perfectly.

How can I do the same for all of the fonts used by

Chart FX 98? I.e., how to get pFont pointer in the

loop though all of the fonts to be able to call

put_Charset() for all of them?




Petr Prikryl, SKIL s.r.o., e-mail: prikrylp at skil dot cz

Please, don't reply via e-mail.

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