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Re: Maximum number of chart series

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From the KB on their web page:

Q1341020. Chart FX 98 Memory requirements

The information on this article applies to

ChartFX 98

ChartFX Financial Edition (Desktop)

ChartFX Financial Edition (Internet Intranet)

ChartFX Internet Edition 2000


Discusses memory requirements and limitations in Chart FX 98.


Other than the physical limitations that your computer or OS configuration may impose, Chart FX 98, imposes the following limitation on the size of your data:

1) The number of series is limited to 32,767 and total number of points to 2,147,483,647.

This means that you can have a chart with 2,147,483,647 and one series, a chart with 536,870,911 and 4 series, or any other combination.

2) The size of each string (axis label, title, etc.) is limited to 255 characters.

3) 32,767 Labels per Label List (X-axis, Y-axis, Series Legend, etc.)

The size of ONE chart Object can be calculated as follows:

Global Memory:

About 2.5 KB of core data per chart +

Eight (8) Bytes for each data point. +

Eight (8) Bytes for each data point if X-Values are used (X/Y Chart) +

Eight (8) Bytes for each data point if Ini-Values are used +

Four Bytes per color (if not using default schemes) +

2 Bytes per pattern (if not using default schemes) +

256 Bytes per label list (if used) + (4 + Label String + 1) * Number_Of_Elements

28 Bytes per constant line +

24 Bytes per color stripe

GDI Resources:

Only a few global GDI resources are created when you load Chart FX. All the rest of resources are created when the chart displays (paint) and destroyed right after.

The number of resources used in a chart varies a lot depending on the chart configuration but it is optimized for both speed and resource consumption.

Other memory

Chart FX ActiveX control is about 530K

Chart FX COM DLL is about 460K

SfxBar.DLL (required for both) is about 110K

You usually use either the ActiveX or the DLL not both (they are completely independent).

Other DLLs like COMCAT.DLL and OLEAUT32.DLL are also required to be loaded, but these are usually loaded by the system itself or by your own application.

Extensions (e.g. CFX4DATA.DLL, CFX4FILTERS.DLL, CFX4OLE.DLL, ANNOTATEX.DLL, DIRECT3DX.DLL) are loaded only if they are being used.

Related Articles

Q2512002 ToolBar Memory leak

Q1343061 Maximum string size increased to 255.

Q1342025 Resource leak in radar charts



Paul Nailand <nailand@onaustralia.com.au> wrote in message news:7r6k1iDOAHA.1460@sfxserver.softwarefx.com...

> Is there a maximum number of chart series, especially using the ValueEx

> method to populate the charts ?


> thanks

> paul



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