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It seems to me you could do that with the Export method to save the settings on Close of a Form then load the recent template on Open of the Form.

ChartFX1.FileMask = ChartFX1.FileMask Or FMASK_COLORS

ChartFX1.Export CHART_CFXOLETEMPLATE, "TemplateFileName"

then on a Form Open:

ChartFX1.Import CHART_CFXOLETEMPLATE, "TemplateFileName"


Eoin <eshanley@gofree.indigo.ie> wrote in message news:VCP6tk1NAHA.2224@sfxserver.softwarefx.com...

> Hi,


> I realise that this is a really stupid question, but I am trying to get

> ChartFX to remember the colours people use for the charts. I could not make

> any sense of the example given in the documentation, and I was wondering if

> anyone could send me the code - and maybe explain what values I have to

> substitute myself, and what values have to be left as they are.


> many thanks,


> Eoin



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