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Re: Removing Chart Types From Gallery

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The problem is happening because, I think, the current type is not in the


You can remove the Gallery command from the Menus and Toolbar as follows:

To remove it form the right-click menu for instance:

gal = m_pChartFX->GetCommands()->GetItem( CFX_ID_CM_BACKGROUND);

gal->RemoveSubCommand( 4 ); // Fourth Item in the menu

To remove it from the ToolBar:

m_pChartFX->ToolBarObj->RemoveItems(1,4); // Fourth Item in the toolbar





"Edward Evans" <eevans@pacsim.com> wrote in message


> Try this:

> ICommandItemPtr gal;

> gal = m_pChartFX->GetCommands()->GetItem( CFX_ID_GALLERY );

> gal->RemoveSubCommand( 0 );


> This removes the first gallery option, LINES, from the gallery options on

> the toolbar, popup menus, and in the series tab in the "Properties"



> For some reason the above code changes the current gallery drop-down icon

> (the one shown on the button) to that of the file|open icon. Probably

> because the LINES option is default choice on startup.


> Does anyone know how to remove the gallery option altogether? I don't


> my user's to be able to change the gallery setting at all.


> -Ed Evans

> eevans@pacsim.com



> Bob Nims wrote in message ...

> >I need to be able to remove two chart types from the "Gallery". It's not

> >clear how to go about this so that both the popup menu and the toolbar

> >exclude these types as selections.

> >

> >Bob Nims

> >

> >



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