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Re: Legend Box is just a line

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That happens because you are turning on the legend before it has any data.

To fix this, turn on the legend AFTER you set the string labels or call the

SizeToFit method on the legend box object after you do set the data.




"Eoin" <eshanley@gofree.indigo.ie> wrote in message


> Hi,


> any help would be appreciated. We are using Chart FX as part of a VB

> Webclass application, and one problem that keeps occurring, is that the

> legend box will appear as only a thin black line. I was wondering if this


> a known bug, or whether more than:

> "objChart.LegendBox = True" needs to be coded.


> once again, any help would really be appreciated.


> cheers,


> Eoin.



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