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Re: Removing Chart Types From Gallery

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Try this:

ICommandItemPtr gal;

gal = m_pChartFX->GetCommands()->GetItem( CFX_ID_GALLERY );

gal->RemoveSubCommand( 0 );

This removes the first gallery option, LINES, from the gallery options on

the toolbar, popup menus, and in the series tab in the "Properties" dialog.

For some reason the above code changes the current gallery drop-down icon

(the one shown on the button) to that of the file|open icon. Probably

because the LINES option is default choice on startup.

Does anyone know how to remove the gallery option altogether? I don't want

my user's to be able to change the gallery setting at all.

-Ed Evans


Bob Nims wrote in message ...

>I need to be able to remove two chart types from the "Gallery". It's not

>clear how to go about this so that both the popup menu and the toolbar

>exclude these types as selections.


>Bob Nims



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