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Re: User defined text for Tool Tips?

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I put up custom tips using the ChartFX.hText property. This is the location

where the text that is going to be displayed is stored...

You just put what you want to be displayed here..

for example, if you have an array of strings containing these names that

matches point for point with the chart you would do the following

Private Sub m_Chart_GetTip(ByVal nHit As Integer, ByVal nSeries As Integer,

ByVal nPoint As Long, nRes As Integer)

m_Chart.HText = myArray(nPoint)

End Sub

Make sure you put in the ShowTips = TRUE so this event gets fired...


Abe Krebs

"Neil Hall" <ext-neil.hall@nokia.com> wrote in message


> Hi


> I need to display "user defined" text in tool tips or similar which are

> related to the points on the chart so that when a user moves his mouse on


> XY chart each point will display this 'name' related to that point. The

> variables provided are no use to me as I wish to diplay text thats not

> actually included in the chart.


> I guess the ideal scenario would be to have a 'tag' type of arrangement


> each point in each series that could contain the text I wish to show, but


> can't find this type of function


> I must be missing something - can you help??


> Regards


> Neil



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