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Re: Remove from pop-up menu

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It is clear how to remove a command from the toolbar, ala

m_pChartFX->ToolBarObj->RemoveItems(2,0), but how do I remove a command from

the pop-up menu that appears when I right-click?


Ed Evans

Francisco Padron wrote in message ...

>You can not enable/disable predefined buttons as they are enabled/disabled

>automatically given the chart properties.


>Use AllowEdit to prevent the chart from being edited, remove the DataEditor

>command from the menus if you want to disable this option.






>"Edward Evans" <eevans@pacsim.com> wrote in message


>> Hi,


>> I'm trying to turn off the Data Editor feature in ChartFX, but the


>> line has no effect:

>> m_ChartFX->GetCommands()->GetItem( CFX_ID_DATAEDITOR )->Enabled = 0;


>> What am I missing?


>> Thanks,


>> Ed Evans

>> eevans@pacsim.com






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