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Don't leave holes in the data if you don't want holes in the chart.

You can specify X,Y values for each point if your data is not evenly spaced.

For example






Using the DataType property you can have the first column to be read as an X

value if you are using a data provider. If you are using Import, you must

start your chart with XY to indicate that each point has X and Y value.




"Edward Evans" <eevans@pacsim.com> wrote in message


> Couple questions:

> When reading a CSV file, it appears that ChartFX inserts hidden points for

> missing points, or holes, in the data. e.g. the data in series Foo2 for

> March below:

> , Foo1, Foo2

> March, 100,

> April, 150, 100


> Is there anyway to just have the chart not insert any point for holes, so

> all the points in a series would be connected?


> Also, I've got my x-axis formatted as Date/Time, and in my CSV file I have

> the row headers in OleDateTime format (doubles), but the labels that


> on the x-axis are the raw double values rather than the interpreted "2000

> 12/2 3:30pm" type values. Any ideas?


> Thanks,


> -Ed Evans

> eevans@pacsim.com




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