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Re: CFX98: Font does not scale when Paint() is called?

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Thanks James,

I have already solved the problem. Howeve, I think that

MM_TEXT should not be used for that. It's better

to work in the device independent manner.

Today, I have sent the working example to Francisco

Pardon. I have released the source for whatever purpose,

but I think that someone competent should look at it

before released publicly.

See you,


James Beauchamp wrote in .


>I had exactly the same problem I think you are having -- that is the graph

>bars, pies etc show fine but the fonts look incredibly small.


>I solved it by changing the mapping mode before using the paint method.




>// Change the mapping mode to text

>iMapMode = SetMapMode( hDC, MM_TEXT )

>// call paint here

>// then change the mapping mode back to whatever it was



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