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I'm using Access 2000 and trying to get a better handle on Annotation.

Thanks to your past help, I can drop labels or whatever, next to points with code like the following:

'add text object to AnnotX and set options

Set objText = AnnotX.Add(OBJECT_TYPE_TEXT)

'set objText equal to Legend

objText.Text = rsData.Fields(3).Value

objText.Color = vbBlack

objText.Font.Size = 9


'Give it height and width, then SizeToFit

objText.Width = 5

objText.Height = 5


'attach annotation object

objText.Attach ATTACH_CENTER, CStr(.XValueEx(j, 0)) & "," & CStr(.ValueEx(j, 0) + 0.05) '.05 above marker

However, I seem to be unable to get the PaintInfo sample code from the Help files to work.

The PaintInfo method baffles me.

It seems I need to set the .TypeMask property for the Chart object to "respond"

ChartFX1.TypeMask = .TypeMask Or CT_PAINTMARKER

And I can get the Object to fire a MsgBox showing all the variables

but in the example of annotation below, I don't understand where I "find" the following functions:




Would you please "enlighten me"? I've searched with the Object Browser through the

Chart Control, Annotation Extension, and SfxBar.

Thank you,


Sample from Help:

Dim r As AnnArrow


Dim nMarkerPosition As Long

Dim x, y As Integer

For i = 0 To (ChartFX1.nSeries - 1)

For j = 0 To (ChartFX1.NValues - 1)

If (ChartFX1.ValueEx(i, j) > 50) Then

nMarkerPosition = ChartFX1.PaintInfo(CPI_MARKERTOPIXEL, CHART_ML(i, j))

x = CHART_LOWORD(nMarkerPosition)

y = CHART_HIWORD(nMarkerPosition)

r.Left = x

r.Top = y

r.Width = 0

r.Height = -10

r.BkColor = RGB(255, 255, 0)

r.AllowMove = False

r.AllowModify = False

r.Refresh False

End If

Next j

Next i

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