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Re: X-axis lables not showing, except first one

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What I'm trying to do is assign x-axis labels, not on the datapoints

themselves, and I appologize because that was vauge in my initial post. I do

have the x-axis formatted as AF_DATETIME. I've attached a code segment that

demonstrates more clearly what I'm running into.

Thanks for all the help,


Francisco Padron wrote in message ...

>Are this labels being set as strings ? if so, you should not set the format

>to anything because what's being plotted is (1,2,3,....) just that your

>STRING labels will be drawn in their place.


>The DateTime format is used when NO STRING LABELS are assigned and there is

>X-data assigned representing Date/Time values.


>If the data is converted to strings and passed as labels it looses its

>meaning, a label is just a string.






>"Edward Evans" <eevans@pacsim.com> wrote in message


>> Hi,


>> I'm trying to set a text label for every point in my x/y chart. The


>> is AF_DATETIME formatted.


>> Only the very first label is shown. On a lark, I set the x values to the

>> integers 0,1,2,...,n rather than their usual OLE data time values, and


>> all the labels showed up. There also seems to be some relationship


>> the axis min and max and the labels disappearing, but I can't nail it



>> Any ideas?


>> Thanks,


>> Ed Evans






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