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Chart FX 98 does not support X,Y,Z charts. You can plot this data in a

SURFACE or CONTOUR chart but first you need to convert it into a grid. This

means you have to have evenly spaced data in both X (horizontal) and Z


You may need to interpolate to achieve this.

This is the only way you can pass the data to us.

We expect a table (grid) of values each representing the height for that

specific position in the grid.




"Neil Hall" <ext-neil.hall@nokia.com> wrote in message


> I have multiple geo coordinates (lat Long) for various 'locations' that I

> need to plot a 'performance' figure for for each location. What do you

> think? Can this be done with CFX98 or should I be looking to add yet


> control to my collection?


> sort of:


> Lat Long Value

> === ==== =====

> 14.96452673 120.895534 = 100

> 14.90952233 121.024441 = 101

> 15.06555635 120.9425772 = .... etc

> 15.15482022 120.9758224

> 14.44990012 120.9371334

> 14.44990012 120.9371334

> 14.48304028 120.8944044


> If it can be done in 3D, then HOW????


> Cheers!


> Neil Hall



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