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Re: X-axis lables not showing, except first one

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Thanks for the tip Steve, but that didn't do it.  Here's what did though:

I think the problem stemmed from using COleDateTime (DATE variant) time

values as the x-values of the chart. Once I explicitly set the x-axis min

and max, major and minor step, and set the LabelValue to the same number as

the STEP value, the labels showed up on the major tick marks.

SteveT wrote in message ...


objChart1.Axis(AXIS_X).Style = AS_2LEVELS


objChart1.Axis(AXIS_X).Style = AS_2LEVELS Or AS_SHOWENDS

to see if that will give the object more

room to place the labels.


Edward Evans <eevans@pacsim.com> wrote in message


> Hi,


> I'm trying to set a text label for every point in my x/y chart. The


> is AF_DATETIME formatted.


> Only the very first label is shown. On a lark, I set the x values to the

> integers 0,1,2,...,n rather than their usual OLE data time values, and


> all the labels showed up. There also seems to be some relationship


> the axis min and max and the labels disappearing, but I can't nail it



> Any ideas?


> Thanks,


> Ed Evans




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