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Hi Steve,

Yes, I agree that doing it this way I can make it work. The problem is that

I sometimes have a Y2 Axis as well, which shows up on the Left hand side of

the plot. Now it becomes a messy situation where I need to keep track of

all the redirected axes. I could do this, but if this is indeed a bug which

gets fixed in a later revision, then I will have it backwards again.


"SteveT" <stephent@compassadv.com> wrote in message


Have you tried:

Graph1.Axis(AXIS_Y2).Title = "Right side, Y Axis"


Abram Krebs <duckwood@gamry.com> wrote in message


> Hello,


> I reverse the X axis on my chart by swapping the Min and Max values for


> Axis. This works fine, and the Y axis appears on the right hand side of


> plot (by design as specified by SFX)


> However, the Title for the Y Axis still appears on the Left hand side of


> plot. I have used the Title property for the Axis, not for the chart, and

> as I would expect, the Title should stay with the Axis. It does not. Is

> there any way around this?


> Cheers,

> Abe Krebs





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