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Re: Annotation object text and print preview

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By Print preview mode I mean MFC implementation of the print preview for

CView-derived classes. I am not very sure about the exact implementation, it

works either via metafiles or scales the printer device context into display


Anyway, when MFC application enters the print preview mode, the MFC library

passes a HDC to draw to. In response, I call chartfx's Paint method giving


Everything on the chart draws and scales OK except for annotation objects'

text, which is very very small and it is even impossible to see that text

needless to say about reading it.


"Francisco Padron" <frankp@softwarefx.com> wrote in message


> Print preview mode ? In what in MFC ? There is no such a thing as Print

> Preview mode for an ActiveX control.


> --


> Frank


> "Serge S. Spiridonoff" <sss@corbina.net> wrote in message

> news:75Lu6UrFAHA.1920@sfxserver.softwarefx.com...

> > Hi!

> >

> > Text of an annotation object (both text box and balloons) doesn't scale


> > print preview mode.

> > Object's box scales OK (if attached elastic) but its texts - do not,

> > resulting in that the text is absolutely not visible in print preview.

> >

> > Please fix this bug.

> >

> > Serge

> >

> >

> >



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