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Re: Monochrome charts

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Might try checking for the proper adapter driver.



Serge S. Spiridonoff <sss@corbina.net> wrote in message news:8ZPGq64FAHA.1416@sfxserver.softwarefx.com...

> Hi!


> One of the users of our application has a very strange problem with charts.


> Our application is able to save charts as jpeg files (with pagination). This

> is achieved by calling Paint method with the bitmap device context

> (CreateCompatibleBitmap / CreateCompatibleDC) and CPAINT_BKGND|CPAINT_PRINT

> flags. Then the bitmap is converted to jpeg format.


> The problem is that all jpeg files produced on that user's PC are

> monochrome. This happens only on that single PC, other PCs do not have such

> problem.


> We don't know whether it is a problem with the user's PC configuration, a

> bug in our application or the Chart FX's bug. We are in process of

> investigation of this problem.

> Unfortunatelly no developer tools (like debugger) exist or may be installed

> on that user's PC.


> Could somebody suggest anything please? This is quite urgent.


> The user's PC configuration (as reported by the user):


> O/S NT Workstation 4 build 1381

> RAM 64MB

> Swap file size 310184KB

> USER memory available 90%

> GDI memory available 90%

> Default printer Network printer - HP5M

> Display Adapter type s3 compatible display adapter

> Driver Info Microsoft. Version Nos. 4.00, 4.0.0

> Adapter Info Chip Type: S3 765

> DAC Type: S3

> Memory Size: 1MB

> Adapter String: Phoenix


> Thanks in advance

> Serge




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