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Is this option available in ChartFX IE version? The AS_IGNORELABELS

constant does not seem to be present in the include file which I have.


Mark Johnston

Pacific Northwest National Laboratory

Seattle, WA USA

mailto: mark.johnston@pnl.gov

Francisco Padron wrote:

> You can do this by asigning the third colum as X-Axis labels and then, to

> prevent these labels from showing in the axis, you need to turn of the

> AS_IGNORELABELS flag in the Axis(AXIS_X).Style property as follows (VB):


> ChartFX1.Axis(AXIS_X).Style = ChartFX1.Axis(AXIS_X).Style and not



> --


> Frank


> "Marty Cymerman" <mcymerman@greatbatch.com> wrote in message

> news:39AE6A65.4ADD93D4@greatbatch.com...

> > Hello

> >

> > Is it possible to call a sp with three cols....Have one for the X axis

> > one for the Y axis the the other be a data point label?

> > I can plot my X and Y axis fine, but I need to define the data point

> > further.

> >

> > Thanks

> > Marty

> >

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