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Re: How to reset a toolbar?

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We will consider it. Thanks.




"Serge S. Spiridonoff" <sss@corbina.net> wrote in message


> Hi Frank,


> I have solved my problem by removing all buttons and then adding necessary

> buttons. In this case I always have the same toolbar regardless of what


> been saved into the chart file.


> Regarding FMASK_TOOLS. As I mentioned earlier this mask IMHO is not very

> usefull as it affects both the toolbar and the legend boxes.

> Usually users requre that the position and size of legend boxes should be

> preserved.


> I wonder why you "equate" toolbars with legends. Toolbars and menus are

> elements of user interface (they allow users to perform actions) while

> legends provide information (in that they are similar to data points).

> Is it possible for a future version of ChartFX to have separate masks for

> each tool (ie toolbars, legend, data editor etc)?


> Serge




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