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IIS Crashing

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Hi we are running ChartFX2000 on an NT Box with Service Pack 6.

I am having a problem in that the asp script which generates the charts

randomly seems to crash IIS, sometimes twice a day, othertimes maybe only

once a week (we are using the same script often each day for development).

Under event viewer:

1)The first error always reported is:

Error: File /GenerateChart.asp Unexpected error.

2)Followed by a transaction server error:

An object call caused an exception. (IID:

{51372AEF-CAE7-11CF-BE81-00AA00A2FA25}) (Method: 3) (Microsoft Transaction

Server Internals Information: File: d:\viper\src\runtime\mtxex\activity.cpp,

Line: 886)

Also find the script file attached.


Julian Spora.

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