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messed up labels

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There is a limitation when the datastyle of the chart is set to transpose that you cannot concatenate several database fields to be used as one label.  You must have the full label contained within one field to be used as a chart label.

Justin Trask

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From: Nicky Wanderer [ mailto:nzwanderer@telco-gc.com]

Posted At: Tuesday, August 01, 2000 1:49 AM

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Conversation: labels messed up!!

Subject: Re: labels messed up!!


Just to clarify since it hasn't come out to well the recordset is 6 rows

with five columns, the last two columns contain data.


Nicky Wanderer wrote in message ...


>I have a record set in the following format :


>UK Quadrant Finance

>48.75 0.12

>UK Quadrant IT

>147.91 17.84

>UK Southgate Finance

>26.05 18.42

>UK Southgate IT

>373.77 591.69

>US Quadrant Finance

>52.88 2.47

>Rest Rest Rest

>4645.1 10504.73



>I want this to produce 6 pie charts each with 2 bits of data, using the

>first three columns of each row as legends and the last two as the data

>series. Using Datastyle transpose method and the datetype method as follows



>chart.DataStyle=Chart.DataStyle or 16

> chart.DataType(0)=1

> chart.DataType(1)=1

> chart.DataType(2)=1

> chart.DataType(3)=2

> chart.DataType(4)=2


>The charts I want are produced beautifully, however the labels for the

>charts are completly messed up (i.e. the label for the first chart should

>read 'UK-Quadrant-Finance' instead it reads some strange characters), can

>anyone help???








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