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Regarding some of you questions

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Here are some responses to your questions, others are still being addressed.

1) The update will hopefully come out within the next few days.

2) Regarding the Curve charts.

In ChartFX 3.0, curve charts IGNORE the X-Axis values. These are

supported in ChartFX98 (now Client/Server). That's why you get a different

chart. To get the same chart remove the X-Values.

X-Values must be strictly ascending:

1,4,8,9 is OK

1,4,4,8 will not work

3) We will need some sample code that reproduces the ZERO.CHD file.

4) Franks is looking into the different chart conversion problems shown with

the line chart ranges. Off hand he believes it may be due to some

properties that are obsolete or do not exist in ChartFX 3.0

5) Regarding the pyramid labels overlapping. This can happen also with

some pie or stacked charts as well. The label sizes will not always

correspond to the layers or sections that are very small.

6) Regarding the scatter type with no points. Thanks, suggestion taken.

7) As you probably already know, annotation objects do not resize with the

chart unless attached as elastic. If the chart is size very small they will

overlap other parts, this is by design.

8) The annotation being split over two or more pages is known.

9) Resizing the legend box and data editor to negative width or height is


Hope some of this helps.



-----Original Message-----

From: Serge S. Spiridonoff [ mailto:sss@corbina.net]

Sent: Tuesday, August 01, 2000 8:51 PM

To: chartfx98@softwarefx.com

Cc: Peter Newman; Boris Golembo

Subject: Problems with ChartFX 98


We have several problems with ChartFX 98 that we use in our application.

They are listed below.

I have already reported these most of these problems to the newsgroup and by

email but didn't get any response for most of them.

Can you please respond to this e-mail quite promptly as the release date of

our application is approaching fastly. Please reply to all e-mail addresses.

Thank you.

Serge S. Spiridonoff


Chart FX DLL




VC++ 6.0


Problems are reproducible both in our applications and in Cfx98.exe MFC

sample application provided.


1. Charts created by CFX 3.0 and imported by CFX 98 display garbage instead

of titles.

Francisco Padron replied me on July 3 that the problem is confirmed and it

will be fixed in Chart FX

He also replied (on July 14) that "The next service pack ( is

scheduled to be released late next week."

However, there is still no service pack.


2. Curve charts created by CFX 3.0 are displayed differently (and probably

incorrectly) by CFX 98.

The attached files:

curve30.chd - CFX 3.0 file

curve30.gif - corresponding image

curve98.gif - how the chart looks after conversion


Note that Y values are inside [-23, 56] interval as shown by Data editor but

after importing by CFX 98 the curve doesn't fit even in [-100, 100]


There are other problems revealed by this .chd file.


The series legend box was at the bottom in CFX 3.0 but it is at the right

side in CFX 98.


The x-axis legend displays only one 1 mark, 13:30.

The x-axis values are inside [0.52, 0.59] interval as shown by Data editor.

These numeric values are converted to time values by our application in

response to GetAxisLabel event.

However, hText property is very strange when the event is fired, the first

time it contains string "12:30" and then it is aways empty.

Expected values of hText shoul be from the interval [0.52, 0.59] .


If you turn 3D display on, you will see clipping problems.


Switch to Pyramid type. Some labels overlap each other.


Switch to Scatter type. There are no points. Users should go to Properties

and select a non-empty Shape. This is not obvious for novice users. This

should be made automatically by Chart FX.


3. GetExtension always returns an error

The following code returns the error CO_E_CLASSSTRING even if the annotate

extension was succesfully added to the chart.

IAnnListPtr pAnnotationList;

hr = m_pChartFX->raw_GetExtension("AnnotationX.AnnList",


The error occurs on different PCs,

"AnnotationX.AnnList.1" string doesn't help too.

Please note that the following code works properly proving that the registry

settings are good.


bstr_t bstrExtensionName = "AnnotationX.AnnList";

hr = CLSIDFromProgID(bstrExtensionName, &clsID);

It returns S_OK and sets clsID to {EF600D71-358F-11D1-8FD4-00AA00BD091C} .


4. Divide by Zero exception

The attached file: zero.chd

It was extracted from the file generated by our application where chartfx

data are written as part of our file.

It loads OK in our application but then CreateWnd method generates a

division by zero exception.

It loads and displays OK in Cfx98 sample but the toolbar is very strange and

the legend box is at right instead of bottom.


5. Annotation objects


Annotation objects are created with Attach Center style by default.

However, Arrow and Balloon object are usually used to annotate particular

points (not the chart itself) so they should preserve their positions

relative to the selected points.

Users have to manually switch the style to Attach Ellastic. This should be

made automatically by Chart FX.


Place an annotation balloon on a chart. It has Attach Center style by


Display a print preview (in terms of MFC CPreviewDC class). We use Paint

method with CPAINT_PRINT constant to print and preview long possibly charts

by pages.

The balloon and text are not scaled to printer page dimensions (chart itself

is scaled properly).

The same happens with other annotation objects.

Now change the style to Attach Ellastic and objects are scaled properly on a

print preview. However the balloon text is still not scaled though the

ballon box and arrow are scaled.

This only happens with print preview, printng on a printer appears OK.


Make a chart window small enogh and annotation object will begin ovelapping

other parts of the chart (axes, titles).


If SetScrollView is used to break the chart into pages, an annotation object

may become split over two or more pages. In this case, it will overlap axes

and other parts of the chart. Also, when chart is printed (in multiple

pages), the split annotation object is not properly "paginated".


6. Clipping problems

Create a chart from data that have multiple equal X values, switch to Curve,

Area-Curve types and you will see clipping problems.

Tha attached clip.chd demonstrates the problem.


7. Resizing tool windows

Make a legend box non-floating. It is possible to re-size it (by mouse) to

have negative width or height.

The same with data editor.

-----Original Message-----

From: Serge S. Spiridonoff [ mailto:sss@corbina.net]

Posted At: Sunday, July 30, 2000 5:04 PM

Posted To: General

Conversation: Problems with Curve charts created in CFX 3.0

Subject: Problems with Curve charts created in CFX 3.0


I have already posted this message (12/07) but didn't any response so I

repeat it.


I have found the following problems.

1) Curve charts created by CFX 3.0 are displayed differently (and probably

incorrectly) by CFX 98.

Please see the attached curve3.chd file and curve3.gif and curve4.gif.

2) The series legend box was at the bottom in CFX 3.0 but it is at the right

side in CFX 98.

3) The x-axis legend displays only one 1 mark ("13:30") in CFX 98. Please

see the attached curve4.chd.

I handle ChangeType event and clear x-axis labels

(ClearLegend(CHART_LEGEND)) and then handle GetAxisLabel event to convert

double values to time strings.

It is fired several times but hText is quite strange, the first time it is

"12:30" and then it always an empty string.

If you look at the curve4.chd, data editor, the X changes from 0.52 to 0.59

so I expected hText to be in the same range.

4) If you now turn 3D display on, you'll see clipping problems.

5) Switch to Pyramid type. Some labels overlap.


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