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Re: labels messed up!!

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Just to clarify since it hasn't come out to well the recordset is 6 rows

with five columns, the last two columns contain data.


Nicky Wanderer wrote in message ...


>I have a record set in the following format :


>UK Quadrant Finance

>48.75 0.12

>UK Quadrant IT

>147.91 17.84

>UK Southgate Finance

>26.05 18.42

>UK Southgate IT

>373.77 591.69

>US Quadrant Finance

>52.88 2.47

>Rest Rest Rest

>4645.1 10504.73



>I want this to produce 6 pie charts each with 2 bits of data, using the

>first three columns of each row as legends and the last two as the data

>series. Using Datastyle transpose method and the datetype method as follows



>chart.DataStyle=Chart.DataStyle or 16

> chart.DataType(0)=1

> chart.DataType(1)=1

> chart.DataType(2)=1

> chart.DataType(3)=2

> chart.DataType(4)=2


>The charts I want are produced beautifully, however the labels for the

>charts are completly messed up (i.e. the label for the first chart should

>read 'UK-Quadrant-Finance' instead it reads some strange characters), can

>anyone help???








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