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Hi Juan, 

I have performed the following test:

bstr_t bstrExtensionName = _T("AnnotationX.AnnList");


IAnnListPtr pAnnotationList;

hr = m_pChartFX->raw_GetExtension(bstrExtensionName,



hr = CLSIDFromProgID(bstrExtensionName, &clsID);

raw_GetExtension() returns an error, CO_E_CLASSSTRING, but CLSIDFromProgID()

returns S_OK !!! (and clsID is set to

{EF600D71-358F-11D1-8FD4-00AA00BD091C} )

That is, the success of CLSIDFromProgID identifies that the registry

settings are ok. I have also checked that using regedit.

I tried raw_GetExtension("AnnotationX.AnnList"),

raw_GetExtension("AnnotationX.AnnList.1") with no luck, still


I am using ChartFX DLL.

The full sequence of actions is:

- create chartfx control (CreateInstanceLic)

- load it from the file using Import method (this may load an already saved


- call GetExtension to determine if I have to make AddExtension

- create chart window (CreateWnd)

Annotation extension works fine (after AddExtension) but GetExtension always

returns an error. As a result 2 extension are added and 2 extension toolbars


This happens on all PCs I have tested.

Please help!


"Juan Cegarra" <JuanC@softwarefx.com> wrote in message


> Our code will first invoke the CLSIDFromProgID COM API that translates a

> ProgID (such as "AnnotationX.AnnList") into a CLASSID.


> If this code fails we will return its return value. According to the

> Windows API

> CO_E_CLASSSTRING: The registered CLSID for the ProgID is invalid.


> You may also want to try "AnnotationX.AnnList.1" and check your registry

> to see if this PROGID is in the HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT hive.


> Please note that if you are using the ChartFX ActiveX control the

> parameter should be a BSTR, if you are using the ChartFX DLL it should

> be an LPSTR.


> Regards,


> Juan Cegarra

> Software FX, Inc.

> http://support.softwarefx.com


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