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To explain my question in the previous post. 

I can't get the method GetExtension to work.


m_pChartFX->AddExtension((IUnknown *)m_pAnnotationList);

// for test purposes

if (m_pChartFX->GetExtension(_T("AnnotationX.AnnList")) == NULL) {


In the above code, GetExtension returns an error CO_E_CLASSSTRING (Invalid

class string).

I also tried "AnnotateX.AnnList" as suggested by the help but it also

returns the same error.

AddExtension works fine because the annotation toolbar appears on the chart.

Why I need to call GetExtension?

I call AddExtension just after creation of the chart control

(CreateInstanceLic). Then, depending on user selection, I may call the

Import() method to load previously saved chart.

If the chart being loaded is 3.0 format, then the extension disappears (no

annotate toolbar) after the call to Import().

Btw, why?

So I need to do AddExtension second time. However, sometimes I get 2

annotate toolbars, so I need to check whether the extension is already


So the question is: how to correctly check that the annotation extension is

already added to the chart?



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