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How to compose the printed output with the chart as a part?

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Hi, (Chart FX 98, Windows NT, VC++ 6, ATL, WTL) 

My question is related to a printed output. Our

application generates reports (A4 papers) where

charts are placed at the top half of the page.

The bottom half is used to place some related,

generated text. The question is, how this should

be done?



The details, described in the following text, may

determine the approach (not known yet by myself).

The chart is generated only if required (not

always). Because of that, the title of the report

(on the top of the page) is independent on the

ChartFX output and the chart component

does not use the title.

Preview of the report must be displayed also on

the screen (identical to the paper output).

Any kind of interaction with the chart placed in

the report must be suppresed. The chart should

behave as a picture only. (The interactive

version of the chart is placed in another window

and is used to set all the things before

generating the output report.)

The user should not be able to change anything in

the report preview, but he/she is able to zoom

the preview to see details. (The users of the

older version of the application typically use the

preview for working with information, not only

for checking how the result will be placed on the


The data of the chart should be also stored to

disk to reproduce identical report later (e.g.

next month, next year, etc). The data used for

generation of the report should be stored in a

compact form that allow the generation of the

identical output later.

If the report is to be printed on more pages,

then the chart at the top is a subchart of the

original chart (subrange of the Axis X for that


As the chart in the report should be displayed

both in preview and on the printer, and as it

should NOT be interactive, should the chart be

converted firstly to a bitmap for the purpose?

Could you name some of the method,

properties to concentrate on?

Thanks in advance for you help,



Petr Prikryl, SKIL s.r.o., e-mail: prikrylp at skil dot cz

Please, don't reply via e-mail.

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