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The solution was: 


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From: Adam Furgal [ mailto:afurgal@online-can.com]

Posted At: Wednesday, July 12, 2000 2:23 PM

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Conversation: STEP : Changing step cuts off labels...

Subject: STEP : Changing step cuts off labels...

I'm using ChartFX 98 (VB 6.0 SP3).

When I have the scale and step adjust itself (default) all of the labels

show up fine. With a large number of data plotted I want to space out the

X-axis labels because using the auto step puts too many on.

'If we have more than 2 months, adjust the scale to show 2 dates every month

If (rsData.RecordCount > 60) Then

.Axis(AXIS_X).STEP = 15


.Axis(AXIS_X).STEP = rsData.RecordCount / 10

End If

When I adjust the step to 15, the labels are spaced out perfectly (2 per

month), but they are cut off when using an angle of 40. Using auto-step

(i.e. not setting it) with an angle of 40 puts too many labels on, but they

are not cut off...

Any suggestions?

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