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Run-time error '-2147417948' (80010180)': Method 'CloseData' of object 'IChartFX'failed

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I have a chartFX 98 object on a form in VB 6.0 SP3. I am using it to make a

bunch of charts, then export them to graphic files.

I have my one object and every time I need a new chart, I just do a

cleardata, then set all of the points on the chart to the points in my new

recordset. The problem I have been having lately, is the following error:

Run-time error '-2147417948' (80010180)':

Method 'CloseData' of object 'IChartFX' failed

This error seems to be almost random, but there are certain recordsets that

seem to give the error more often. I am not binding the recordset to the

chart, but manually setting hte points:

.OpenDataEx COD_VALUES, 3, rsData.RecordCount

While Not rsData.EOF

'Set the high value

If IsEmptyString(rsData.Fields("daily_high")) Or

(rsData.Fields("daily_high") = 0) Then

.ValueEx(HLC_HIGH, iLcv) =



.ValueEx(HLC_HIGH, iLcv) = rsData.Fields("daily_high")

End If

'Set the low value

If IsEmptyString(rsData.Fields("daily_low")) Or

(rsData.Fields("daily_low") = 0) Then

.ValueEx(HLC_LOW, iLcv) =



.ValueEx(HLC_LOW, iLcv) = rsData.Fields("daily_low")

End If

'Set the close value

.ValueEx(HLC_CLOSE, iLcv) =


'Label the Y axis

.Axis(AXIS_X).Label(iLcv) =

Format(rsData.Fields("Eff_Date"), "mmm d yyyy")

iLcv = iLcv + 1

ProgressBarChart.Value = iLcv / rsData.RecordCount * 100

sLastDate = Format(rsData.Fields("Eff_Date"), "mmm d yyyy")




I someone can help!

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