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X axis label problems, chart with large number of data points

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Hi again, 

Using build with VB 6.0. I'm displaying an XY plot

with 10,000+ data points. I only want ten labels on the X axis

and I want to leave the STEP setting for the X-axis to 1. The reason

I want to leave the STEP setting to 1 is that the SetScrollView and

ZoomIn methods, both of which I need to use on this chart, round

to the nearest STEP value. I need to be able to scroll and zoom

on non-STEP increments and the only way I seem to be able to

accomplish this is by setting STEP to 1. Back to the label problem.

I set "LabelValue" to be the number of data points (10,000) divided

by the number of labels I want on the X axis (10). This gives me the

right number of labels but they are cut off. I only see a tiny bit of

each label on the X axis. Also, if I turn on tick marks I get what


to solid lines on the bottom of the chart because there is a tick line


every data point...I really only want one per label. Is there some


that will let me accomplish this?


Gary Kercheck


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