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Re: Scatter charts and X-axis legends and more...

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1) Then, instead of assigning *nRes = 1 you can do: 

ChartFX1->ReturnValue = 1;

This tells Chart FX that you have changed the string and its size will be


2) You must avoid calling SizeToFit before the chart has data and labels and

before the legend is displayed.

3) Check that thread. I answered it on 4/20/2000 after you sent me the file

on 4/18/00. Here is the answer in case you don't see it:

You must make sure that the ScrollView limits match the step selected for a

particular axis. For instance if you have a step of 2 (your X-axis labels go

2,4,6,8,...) you can not do a SetScrollView with odd numbers.

5) The GetTip event is only fired for the DataTip (automatic) for

double-clicks there is another event (LButtonDblClk).

6) This titles can be accessed from the property pages (General and

Axis-Labels) .You can also add your own dialog if you want.




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