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zoom "Divide By Zero" error in patch 16 & 17

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I've tested this with both the and the chartfx 98 .ocx. It

seems to be a pretty serious bug in the Zoom feature. Repro:

1. Load a chart with 5 series, 3 or more points.

2. Zoom 1 group of points, starting the zoom in the gap area before the

start of the group and ending it in the gap area on the other side of the

group. Don't grab the entire series bars vertically, just a small segment of

it. Make sure to grab the entire group of points horizontally.

3. Notice that all x-axis labels have disappeared.

4. Click on the horizontal scrollbar - the .ocx throws a "Divide By Zero"


Any idea how we might work around this Frank, without removing the Zoom




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