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Re: GetExtension not working

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Excuse me if I wander through some ideas here- yuo've probably tried them


have you registered the dll's lately?

are they located in the chartfx desinated locations (Program

Files->Common->Software FX Shared)?

are you doing anything between the getextension call?

have you tried to set the annotation call on a button to visually see if it


can you even get annotation objects on the sample chart fx app?

earlier you said:

Actually, it looks like raw_GetExtension receieves a char pointer


not a BSTR.

are you trying to pass a LPSTR? I know I tried that once in the past and it

didnt work...

I was able to duplicate your error by misspelling the

"AnnotationX.AnnList"... It gave me error 0x800401f3 which was the invalid

class string thing...

thats about all i can think of... I hope something here can be of use...

hth josh

"Andrew Pane" <apane@merak.com> wrote in message


> Nope, I think I'm on all the latest versions:


> cfx4032.dll:

> sfxbar.dll:

> annotatex.dll:


> Andrew



> Josh Eanes <josheanes@bihrle.com> wrote in message

> news:DE0379D14694D211B4CE00609770710D0560AF@sftfx-221.wamnet.net...

> > Hey Andrew,

> >

> > I tried your code exactly in my app and it works okay (pops up


> > tool bar and returns pAnnList as something other than NULL)... sorry- i

> > know thats no help to you except to say you're doing it right... is


> > any chance you dont have the latest versions of chartfx?

> >

> > hth josh



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