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Re: GetExtension not working

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Good morning! 

I use the following code:

// variable declaration

IAnnListPtr pAnnList;

_bstr_t annotation = "AnnotationX.AnnList";

// creation


HRESULT rs = chartfx->AddExtension((IUnknown *)pAnnList);

// retrieval

chartfx->raw_GetExtension(annotation, (IUnknown **) &pAnnList);

Maybe it has something to do with calling the string in the actual

getextension call. Try _bstr_t.




"Andrew Pane" <apane@merak.com> wrote in message


> I can't get the GetExtension function to work. Can you tell me what I am

> doing wrong?


> Sample code: (Using VC++, DLL, Latest service pack)


> // Add the annotation extension

> IAnnListPtr pAnnList;

> pAnnList.CreateInstance(__uuidof(AnnotationX));

> pChart->AddExtension((IUnknown*)pAnnList);


> // Now try getting it back.


> HRESULT HR = pChart->raw_GetExtension("AnnotateX.AnnList", &pList);


> HR now contains CO_E_CLASSSTRING ("Invalid class string.") I tried

> "AnnotationX.AnnList" as well, since I saw the other post in this


> but I get the same HRESULT. What string should I be using?


> Andrew Pane

> ---------------------------------------

> Merak Projects Ltd.

> A Division of Schlumberger GeoQuest

> ---------------------------------------


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