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Re: Passing an array in VC++

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Hi Boris, 

I hope you can take some time to reply and get me going. You had suggested

this to me earlier. What is ICfxDataArrayPtr and how do you get it in VC++

project? All I know that it is a pointer to a data array. . When I insert

ChartFX 98 as ActiveX component, several wrapper classes are generated

supporting several methods, events etc. to access ChartFX data, properties

etc. I don't see any class that supports creation of ICfxDataArrayPtr type

or any class of that type.

I could not even get the the X-axis labels changed although I was able to

change the number of series, points and populate the chart using two loops.

In the sample that ChartFX have provided, I see a class CfxLabel and

OnXLabel and OnYLabel methods defined in them that allow user to change X

and Y axes labels. But, I don't see that class in my VC++ project. Can you

help understand why I don't see some classes? I am using a trial version of


I wish ChartFX had a good VC++ related help file with lots of examples. If

you or any users of this group have any sample files that help me to

understand from ground up, I really appreciate a copy of it.



Boris Donko <boris.donko@uni-mb.si> wrote in message


> Create one dimensional SAFEARRAYs and then use


> multiple times.


> Regrads,

> Boris.


> <bangalore@chemimage.com> wrote in message

> news:DE0379D14694D211B4CE00609770710D055237@sftfx-221.wamnet.net...

> > Hi Franc,

> >

> > Thanks for guiding me in the right direction. I was able to change the

> > number of series and values using OpenDataEx method of the ChartFX 98

> > object.

> >

> > I am a little confused as to how to pass an array. Let us say that I


> > 21x69 array in memory (21 series, 69 values/series). 'Reading Data from

> > Arrays' from help describes all that is needed for a VB project. How is

> it

> > done in VC++ project as there is no Reference option under Project menu?

> >

> > The help also says that one can not pass multi-dimensional arrays such


> > nData(10,10)in to ChartFX 98. I appreciate if you can write a sample

> piece

> > of code to readin Data(21,69) from memory to ChartFX in VC++.

> >

> > Thanks,

> > Arjun

> >

> >


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