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Re: GetTip with VC++ & COM

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Good morning! 

I am not sure if this will help, but I had something similar (but not in a

tabbed control). My dynamic chart was in a window that I had to watch for

WM_PARENTNOTIFY messages. For example:

LRESULT CRealTime::DefWindowProc(UINT message, WPARAM wParam, LPARAM lParam)


if (message == WM_PARENTNOTIFY) {

if (wParam == WM_LBUTTONDOWN) {

<<my code>>



return CWnd::DefWindowProc(message, wParam, lParam);


The above worked fine for me, but I was looking for the LBUTTONDOWN message.




Dr Daniel Kustrin <dkustrin@kustrin.com> wrote in message



> I am using a number of dynamically generated (using COM DLL) charts in a

> tabcontrol in a form and I am having problems capturing the GetTip (and

> OnLButtonDblClkChart) events. I have the usual eventsink setup which also

> captures events from another control 'contained' in the tabcontrol and


> works without problems. It looks as if the GetTip and OnLButtonDblClkChart

> are either not generated or are not captured at all.


> Any ideas?


> thanks



> dan



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