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Migrating from MSChart1

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What would the equivalent commands be for the following, as my current 

application uses MSChart (ugh!)








When setting data values on the chart, I run a for loop as follows, as an


For A = 1 TO .ColumnCount

For B = 1 TO .RowCount

.Column = A

.Row = B

.Data = .Data + 1

Next B

Next A

When setting Row/Column Labels, I do the following (another example)

For A = 1 TO .RowCount

.Row = A

.RowLabel = LabelArray(A)

Next A

Please, I am evaluating ChartFX, and would love to switch! I need something

to present by monday in order to get a budget for this tool.

Thank you in advance.


Carl Hultay

Technical Support

Look Communications (Toronto)

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