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Access violation when importing data after saving chart to file

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OK, Here goes. I'm using Delphi5 and the chartfx activex control with the

latest patch ( We export and import our chartfx objects throughout

our application. When a MULTITYPE chart is exported using CFXOLEFILE (we

need the legend, series, min, max, etc. to be saved) with no data, the

chartfx activex object will access violate when you reload the chart then

reload data. NOTE: the access violation occurs on import of the data. After

this series of events, if you try to load the exported chart file at all,

chartfx will access violate (at that point the chart file is unuseable).

I've found that I can repro this problem with any chart that has most any

series property set in code or from the dialogs.

Here is the filemask we use:

(FileMask := filemask or FMASK_ALL or FMASK_TITLES xor FMASK_LABELS xor


I have attached a sample app that you can repro the problem on.


1. Load chart (the tempchart I have included is a multitype) - import

2. Clear the data - data only

3. Save the chart - export

4. Load the chart - import

5. Load Data - access violates here.

I understand what's happening (I think) - we unload the data, thus the chart

is confused about the series properties? Saving the data with the chart is

NOT an option for us, and I do not want to save off every series, axis,

legend and data related property that is necessary with the CFX_OLE


Please respond ASAP (hopefully with a fix or a work around), as our app

needs to be code complete VERY soon! At the very least, we cannot accept

chartfx access violating in this situation.

Thanks for your help!


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