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Re: ChartFX 98, Foreign Languages

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Sorry, I haven't done any work with foreign languages as of yet. 

"test" <test@abc.de> wrote in message news:38BE5FC1.ED5BBE51@abc.de...

> Hello David,


> What language are you targetting at?

> I have a cfx98 and a FE localization DLL for the Dutch language.

> Do you have another language available? Maybe we can exchange something.


> Regards,


> Maurice Wasbauer

> <m.wasbauer@mcse-nl.demon.nl>

> The Netherlands


> David A. Peters wrote:


> > Is ChartFX 98 available in any languages other than English? What is

> > the best way to support foreign markets with ChartFX 98? What are

> > others doing?

> > Thank you!



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