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Re: Launching the ChartFX_98_GUI.hlp

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I forgot to mention that I am using the 15.01 build of the product. 

"David Rozmarich" <davidr@champbiz.com> wrote in message


> I have a problem and I have no idea why it is happening or how to get a


> fix for it. We are using the ChartFX in a VB6 project. It has the menu


> visible so users can goto the chart FX help. Well, when the user tries to

> goto the chart FX help it says it cannot find the "hartFX_98_GUI.hlp", yes

> that is without the "c" at the front. Here is what we install for ChartFX

> 98.


> In the Common Files->Software FX Shared folder

> cfx4032.ocx and sfxbar.dll both registered

> chartfx_98_gui.hlp file


> Everything works except the help. I tried to rename the file without the

> "c" and it still could not find the file. Finally I tried to move the


> file to the directory where my program is running and it would not work.

> Then again I removed the "c" from this file and was able to get the help


> come up. So, I had to rename the help without the "c" and put it in the

> same directory where I run my program. I should'nt have to do anything


> that. Has anybody seen this or know if its a bug, maybe something else

> needs to be setup? It's happenning on Win9X machines and Win2000



> Thanks,

> David

> Champion Business Systems



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