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Re: ValueEx with recordsets

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I've tried that to see if the record set is populated and it is. 

I even printed it to the screen to be sure but once I call the

recordset value using


it is as if this form of assignment is not supported by ChartFX.


SteveT wrote in message ...

Doesn't solve your problem but:

rs.fields("fieldname").value and rs("fieldname") are equivalent.

After you set the rs did you try:



to make sure it's populated?


Tarik Khan <tkhan@hydro.mb.ca> wrote in message


> Using ChartFX IE2000 is it possible to set values using a recordset as

> follows


> ChartFX1.ValueEx(0,0)=rs.fields("fieldname").value


> When I try this I get an EOF or BOF is true asp error. (I checked and the

> record set has data)


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