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Re: Hiding points in C++

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Include this define in your project: 

#define CHART_HIDDEN 1.0e+308

This will allow you to use the CHART_HIDDEN command.

From what I have seen, all the documentation is in more pseudocode or visual

basic than in C++. There are some good resources on the Chart FX's website

and within the documentation they give you.



Andrew Pane <apane@merak.com> wrote in message


> Hi,

> How do I hide data points using VC++? The documentation says you can hide

> points in VB with...


> ChartFX1.ValueEx(i, j) = CHART_HIDDEN


> .. but I'm working in VC++, and CHART_HIDDEN is not defined in the TLH


> I can't figure out what it is suppossed to be.


> Thx.

> Andrew


> P.S. On a more general note, is there a version of the documentation

> available for VC++?


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