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Chart FX is a very flexible product that allows many types of "fine tuning". 

By default, the component is designed so that by default, is setup to make

it easier to use in the majority of cases. This philosophy, although

beneficial, does sacrifice a little of performance that can be gained by

imposing some restrictions.

If you are looking for sheer speed and you are willing to sacrifice some

features, this article gives you some facts that you can use to improve the

performance of your charts.

i) Improving loading and creation time

- Creating the control dynamically is faster than creating it at design time

as no settings need to be read form the resources.

- Creating a Chart FX 98 COM component (using the COM DLL) is faster than

creating a Chart FX ActiveX component.

ii) Improving API performance

- Reallocating data can be costly when having a large amount of points.

Always use the COD_REMOVE flag when calling OpenDataEx to remove any

previous data, if the number of series or points is changing. Also, avoid

using COD_UNKNOWN or increasing the number of points dynamically.

- If using real-time charts, use the MaxValues property to minimize


- Setting string properties is much faster using the Chart FX COM component.

- Using the CSE_FASTLEGENDS flag (StyleEx property) significantly improves

the performance of setting string properties.

- Calling ClearLegend or ClearLabels to reset the contents before assigning

new labels improves the speed significantly.

iiii) Improving drawing speed

- Not all markers draw at the same speed. Rectangles and lines are the

fastest, characters and circles are the slowest.

- 2D charts draw faster than 3D charts.

- Using MultipleColors reduces the drawing speed significantly when the

number of points is large.

- Turning OFF AllowDrag and ShowTips improves mouse movement speed.

- Drawing a CURVE is much slower than drawing a LINE.

- Drawing solid colors is faster than drawing patterns or pictures (Scheme


- Turning OFF CTE_USEPALETTE (TypeEx property) in video drivers with 256

color or less combined with using solid colors only (from the system

palette), makes for faster drawing.



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