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Re: Issue with Fixed Legend during Print Preview - Oops!

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Ok, but... 

a) I don't want it to be docked.

B) I'm not resizing the graph - I'm just in PrintPreview and zooming. I'm

guessing that it's really being resized under the hood, but nothing that I'm


This would seem to be a fairly common use of the control - that is, putting

it on a CView derived class and being printed thru MFC's printing


Perhaps a good option would be to give the user the choice of having the

legend maintain its position on both a percentage as well as the currently

provided hardcoded basis.

Barring that, is there an easy way to do the math to figure out where to put

legend each time it's drawn?


Craig Murray

"Francisco Padron" <frankp@softwarefx.com> wrote in message


> Yes This is by design. The legend box will not move when you resize the

> chart if it is not Docked. If you want the legend box to be resized and

> moved automatically, you need to make it docked (e.g docked to the bottom


> the chart).


> Frank



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